John Wick (2014)

18 + Gratuitous Violence Viewer discretion advised   The title should be Daisy’s Revenge ! Well , where to start ? If you are keen on Keanu Reeves this is definitely worth a watch. I enjoyed spending an hour and a half viewing this creation. Why it has not been well publicised astonishes me. A […]

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Well it’s a dank wet grey miserable sunday afternoon. I’m feeling a bit chilly and a little down. So what to do ? Then I saw a tweet from @matho11tim on the mad place that is twitter. He was remarking on this film. Anyway give the film a go I thought not much else to do. […]

#sepsis , my journey.

So it all starts last year ( 2016 ). The year started like any other , just bumbling along being a full time carer I spend a lot of time shopping and running about collecting prescriptions etc. Fast Forward to May time , I was starting to find my self a little tired in the […]

Roy and Cyril

So there have been three very influential people in my life. My Dad obviously and Roy & Cyril. They were all members of the R.A.O.B. As was I after a while and still am. Look it up if you care to. My Dad , his bit will be the last part of this remembrance. Roy […]

Zeus !

So a bit more of a daft life. Back in 1999 Dort was just turned two, wife was working early shift at her sisters garage. She was running the till and doing the book work. I was working shifts at the tunnel. So needless to say we were both in desperate need of sleep. Mainly […]

A few home truth’s

This is a purely unbiased comment on my thoughts of the way the UK is run, all politicians it seems to me are just the same as each other but wearing a different colour every now and then. So during my lifetime I have seen this country go to hell in a handbag, mainly Thatchers […]